CFO Complete Finance Services


                                                           CFO’s need a finance function and resources that                                                            includes finance, planning & analysis, controllership,                                                            operations, legal and finance IT all this sounds                                                            expensive, consider our CFO Complete Finance                                                            Services which will enable you to avoid spending on                                                            salaries plus comp and benefits. We know CFOs                                                            needs all these resources dedicated and available                                                            onsite or as needed to achieve the objectives of your                                                            company. We provide talented, experience and highly                                                            qualified CPA’s, MBA’s and support staff onsite or                                                             virtual 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of traditional solution. We understand that every organization requires a different service portfolio, so we handle each client based on their requirements. Our typical team of CFO Complete Finance Services includes a Certified Public Accountant, a Bookkeeping or Accounting Specialist, and a Customer Support Contact.

Accounting System & Integration

                                                            Our team on system analyst can implement a                                                             customized accounting systems solution or a complete                                                             integrated Customer Relationship Management “CRM” to                                                             meet your business needs. Our in-house team works with                                                             you from design through the final implementation phase to                                                             ensure that the selected system features are a perfect fit                                                             for your business. We provide a team of expert                                                             accountants and IT specialists who have extensive                                                             experience in development and implementation from small                                                             to mid-sized business accounting and CRM systems.

We also provide integration and system migration service for system upgrade or business acquisition and transformation. Our team can also integrate your existing accounting system software with other popular applications form Oracle, SAP , Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree, Intacct, QuickBooks etc. Our trained IT staff can provide live training and help desk services for troubleshooting if operational questions arise about your accounting system.

Consulting Service

                                                              Is your company looking to grow , implement a new                                                               product or service or want improve operational efficiency.                                                               Our team of consultants can provide you with insight and                                                               confidence you need to take the next steps. Unlike other                                                               consulting firms, which approach business from the                                                               outside in. Our team approach is transformative, by                                                               providing world class research, engaging the right                                                               experts with the knowledge to solve your unique problem                                                               and people to drive change from the inside out.


All our clients are unique and we work closely to customize a solution to help solve problems, implement internal initiatives and drive change. We have been a trust partner to our clients, enabling our clients to respond to changing business environment and be successful for the future. Our areas of service includes: Process Transformation and Improvement, Mergers and acquisitions, Divestitures, Financial and Performance management, Technical and Operational Accounting


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